Kamis, 25 November 2010

Teddy Bear

Today i have read a teddy's bear story. Teddy bear is a name came from Theodore Roosevelt or Teddy. He likes hunting, for example hunting a bear. He went on Bear hunt in Missisipi.
Finally he had a chance to shoot a small bear, but he said in wouldn't be unfair. 
two days later, a cartoon was printed in a newspaper, it showed Teddy refusing to shoot  a little bear. 
This event gave toy store owner an idea. He offered a bear with a sign said " Teddy's Bear', so Teddy Bear was born....

i love reading a book in the afternoon or before i go to bed.... today, i went to my best friend's home then i was enjoy my leisure times in the yard....

life is wonderful when we have family, friends, and best friend....

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