Senin, 22 November 2010

eat ate eaten

If you are asking for choose breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper as my favourite, i will choose breakfast, because I love breakfast, i think breakfast is important, because it gives us an energy for start the new day. Sadly, i don't have a breakfast for today..... pity on me!,....But i had lunch with my friends, they are stevia, vanesa, shelly and irwan.... i ate "gado-gado", one of indonesian' food... After that, i went to Tea Party, before i bought ice cream, but an traditional ice cream from indonesia, its name is "es podeng", is made from coconut and others....i love eat and eat.. i think, when we eat a delicious food, it means we enjoy our life, because there are so many ways to enjoy our life,.... i love supper, but supper is looks like a devil, supper is looks like a opportunities for getting fatttyyyy.... i ate so many foods for supper. The 1st is noodle, i ate 2packs of the noodle,...hmmm,... 2nd food is bread with chocolate and cheesee as my toppingsssss, .... 3rd food is martabak... 4th food is eggs....and finally i drank a glass of milk.... ohh!! i think tomorrow i am going to diet!....buttttt, food is really seducing me in its way.... Have  you watching  eat pray and love??!.... Julia roberts  said that if u are getting fat, just buy a new clothes/trousers/pants, then u will not feel as a fatttyyy girl....hmm,....let's think this one as a good idea or just a simple idea for entertain us when we are watching eat love and pray....

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